February Comment Cards

Talenti has an incredible raspberry flavor. You should try it out.

We have Talenti’s Raspberry and Cream, which is amazing. We tried stocking the Roman Raspberry Sorbet a while ago, and it did not do very well for us on the shelf. Since we have such limited freezer space, we have to be very careful about what we keep. We are still able to order it though, if you were interested in a special order. Please email specialorders@commonground.coop for more information.


I have noticed I no longer see Virgil’s Cola. Will you be getting this soon?

Virgil’s recently went through some massive stock issues- we were having problems getting every single item. We discontinued a lot of the products in the meantime so that we would not have empty shelf space for the months when we couldn’t get product. They are now back in production with the products on the shelf, so we will look at Virgil’s Cola to see if it is ready to come back in.


It seems like the Sassy Cow Milk always runs out way before the Kilgus. Are you dedicating the right amount of real estate to each product?

Yes. Currently production from Sassy Cow’s organic cows is extremely limited. We order what we would sell if we had full stock consistently, but we can only get what their cows can produce. This unfortunately causes a lot of out-of-stocks. We do get these deliveries Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoons and Saturdays in the late morning if you want to make sure you are here when the shipment arrives. Kilgus has a much higher volume production, so we are able to keep it in stock much more easily.


Many (if not most) do not allow nut or seed butters in school lunches anymore due to severe allergic reactions. Can you please stock soynut butter, it's the only one allowed. Thanks! : )

On it! We just tried one out on a special deal to see how it sold, and it sold quite well. It will be coming in soon!


More Raw food products please, like wraps or crackers.

We are looking at diversifying our raw foods selection, unfortunately while the market expands, the products that are actually available to us are expanding much more slowly. We will keep our eyes peeled for new products.


We are disappointed that you no longer sell semolina flour in bulk. Could you please bring it back? Thanks.

Unfortunately semolina flour had consistently low sales for a few years, so we removed it. Having low sales on bulk items compromises the quality of the product that we have out in the bins for sale, since they are constantly being exposed to the elements. We prefer to have faster moving items to maintain freshness. We do still sell semolina flour from Bob’s Red Mill in the baking section, packaged to maintain freshness.


I love the Pekara Harvest Loaf. However, for the last few weeks it has been overbaked (almost burned on the top). Please communicate this to Pekara.

We will certainly let them know- we don’t like having burned product on the shelves as much as you don’t like purchasing it. This will hopefully be resolved soon.


Hello, can you please restock the “Just Strawberries”, dried fruit? Thank you.

We stock these as fast as we can- they are the most popular item! If you notice it is out of stock on the shelf when you want to purchase them, please let us know! We can get them from you right away from the back- we don’t see comment cards soon enough if you want to purchase something right away. Also, if you desire a large amount of Just Strawberries, let us know and we can order entire cases for you on our next order- you’ll get 10% off if you’re an owner! They come 12 bags to a case, and we order from that company every couple of weeks. Please email specialorders@commonground.coop for more information.


Nordic Creamery has that great Goat Butter. I hope you can bring it back!

Goats are pregnant during the winter, so we will be bringing back the goat butter as soon as we can! This is also why almost all of our other goat products have stock problems during the winter, too. Hopefully the goats will begin kidding soon and production will return to normal.


Label coffee roast dates please!

We have roast dates labeled on all the bags from companies that provide roast dates for us- not every company does. As far as the bulk coffees, the majority of the companies that we stock do not provide us with roast dates that we could put on the bins.


Please bring back Peach and Ginger IZZE sodas. Thanks!

We discontinued those products due to extremely low sales in the store- we unfortunately do not have the space to stock every flavor from every brand that we carry, but I wish we did! Peach is still available to order if you are interested in special ordering a case for yourself, but the ginger is unfortunately no longer available to us to order. Let us know! Please email specialorders@commonground.coop for more information.

Can you put zero cream sodas back in the individual soda fridge. They disappeared when you moved the individually sold drinks. Thanks!

We will soon be moving to a bigger cooler for all of our grab-and-go drinks- not only will they all be in the same place, there will be room to bring back the products we had to move out of the cooler when we ran out of space! I will make a note to ensure that the Virgil’s Zero products are back in once the move is underway.


Bob’s Red Mill Brown Rice Flour is lousy. You need to carry brown rice flour in bulk.

We tried stocking rice flour in the bulk section before, and it was not very successful. It was extremely messy and a very slow seller, which compromises freshness. We will be switching from Bob’s rice flours to a regional farm as soon as our current Bob’s stock sells down. The farm we are switching to is McKaskle Farm in Braggadocio, MO. All their products are processed in facilities free of gluten. We also have white cornmeal, grits, and brown and white basmati rice from them. Let us know what you think! Their products are available to order in bulk if you need a larger quantity. Please email specialorders@commonground.coop for more information.


Dried Mushrooms!!!

Dried mushrooms are back! They are now stocked underneath the peanut and almond grinders. They were temporarily absent while we were trying to find a good place to store them after moving the coffee to where they used to be, and then we had to negotiate some pricing with the company that we purchase them from.


Sometimes I’ve come here and the aisles are crowded with pallets of product-people stocking. Would like to suggest that during store open hours to use flat carts only.

Unfortunately we are not able to not bring out the pallet- we have limited space in our loading dock area, and the only way we can have enough room to get all of our pallets inside is to bring the one or two refrigerated pallets out onto the floor. We try to get the pallets cleared as quickly as possible to get them out of the way- we do understand the frustration. If you need assistance or if we are in your way, please feel free to ask for help or ask us if we could please move out of your way.


Could the store get more hot chocolate in a box for individual packets. I miss it! Thank you so much. I’d love it!

Sure! We discontinued both NibMor products when we did the bulk aisle reset, but we now have room where we can put them. The mint historically has not done very well here, so we will only be bringing in the plain hot chocolate from them. Mint is still available for special order in packets if you are interested. Please email specialorders@commonground.coop for more information.