From Your Board January 2020

Read all about the 2020 Board Vision from Board Director Robert Taylor

The holidays are over. The decorations are coming down. Winter has just started, and the wooly worms, squirrels, and persimmons all seem to tell us it will be a very cold one. It is also that time of year where New Year resolutions are created. Some will survive the test of time while others will be a mere memory by February. But instead of the standard resolution making, now is a great time to start visioning. This is exactly what the Common Ground Board of Directors and Staff are doing right now. Visioning at its most basic definition is developing plans and goals for the future but it needs to be more than just that. It should involve the imagination and trying to come up with those A-HA moments. Visioning should identify projects that stretch a person or organization to rise to a new level they themselves may not even see possible. In business school I was taught this to be known as a BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal. “A long-term goal that changes the very nature of a business’ existence” as stated by the concept creators, Jim Collins.

Board visioning was written about in last July’s newsletter by former Board Director Julie Zilles. There she talked about how the focus area on Board visioning would be “Local”. Although there have been several changes to the Board roster, our main visioning focus will remain the same. We will explore big audacious ways we can strengthen Common Ground, serve the community, and have an even greater impact on environmental stewardship. Our four Ends guide every decision the management and board make, and we will continue to ensure we constantly move forward on each and every one.

So, what can you do right now? Continue to shop local and turn to Common Ground as your local grocery store. Do you know that independent local businesses return more than three times as much per dollar spent to the local economy over a chain retailer? Buying online from a big store returns almost no money to the local economy. Also remember to Round Up for Good at the register. Over $50,000 a year is donated to local organizations, but we can do better. Let’s make 2020 the best year yet for money raised!

Finally, stay warm. Take advantage of the new earlier opening time to stop in for your morning hot beverage and the house-made bakery items. Better yet, pick up a tray to take to the office and introduce Common Ground to others!