What Can You Do for Your Co-op?

By Sam Ihm, Promotions Coordinator

The buzz is all about our competition these days because local products have become a focus at big box stores. Co-ops like ours, who’ve always focused on local, are losing the money that the “big boys” are raking in. In these trying times, it’s ever more important that our community-owned store has community support.


So, what can you do? Here’s a list to get you started.

  • SHOP here! Do as much of your shopping at the co-op as you can. It really helps. Our customer count is down compared to years past. You can't bring everybody with you when you come, but while you’re here, pick up just one extra item that you’d get elsewhere and the difference in our sales will be noticeable. And more importantly...

  • TALK about the co-op. Tell your friends about why you shop here. Spread the good word. Do your part to up that customer count through your trusted friends who will listen and respond to all of the great reasons you support your co-op. It's an ethical and political choice to shop here, and you and every person who comes in makes a difference.

  • Use CASH at the registers! We spend over $100,000 per year in processing fees for cards. If everyone used cash or check, we could do a lot more to make our co-op better for everyone.

  • Attend BOARD MEETINGS! Learn about the inner goings-on at the co-op, and most importantly, LET THEM KNOW what you think! You can also email board@commonground.coop with any comments or questions.

  • TELL US what you think. Let's be co-operative.