Virtual Tour of Sarah and Charles Wisseman Art Studio

We had the best day visiting the studio and home of Sarah and Charles Wisseman, the featured Co-op artists! We look forward to hosting an Art Gallery Reception on January 27th, from 6:30-8:30pm in our Flatlander Classroom and we hope you can join us.


Sarah and Charles, owners of the Co-op, make a powerful couple because they are both brilliant and creative artists, respectful world travelers, esteemed experts in their academic realms of archeology and pathology, and delightful to be around.


Sarah Wisseman is a knowledgeable archeologist, who has worked on international excavation projects in Italy, Israel, and the U.S, but is also a mystery novel writer, author of many short stories (available on Kindle) and several mystery series including The Flora Garibaldi Art History Mysteries and The Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mysteries. During the tour she mentioned how she loves painting with watercolors and pastels, and incorporating colored pencils and other mediums to the pieces she creates. She likes focusing on landscape painting, featuring natural and galactic scenes. To purchase her books and see more of her portfolio, please see her website.


Charles (Charlie) Wisseman is a retired pathologist and master of many art processes including stained glass, paper making, carpentry, photography, silk painting, bookmaking and bookbinding, welding, ceramics, and recycles of found objects. With his understanding of science, medicine, and natural patterns, Charles also delves into many different projects, all just as intricate. Many of his pieces are interactive and constructed with several layers, which made it wonderful to be with him as he described each piece in detail. See his art portfolio here!

Scroll down to view the Virtual Tour! Thanks to Sarah and Charles for opening their studio to us.

Sarah's palette.Sarah Wisseman in her studio with a wall of her pieces.

Sarah mentioned she loves recreating some of the images captured from NASA.On the way up to Sarah's upstairs studio.

Charles shows us his workshop in the garage and basement! Full of tools, machinery, and projects!​Self-Portrait of Charles. The glasses come off and can be worn! Incorporating art throughout the whole house, Charles' handmade stain glass, tiles, and lamps are incredible!Do you notice that he has incorporated corn and flower petals within the glass?Hand made tiles with ginko leaves in their kitchen.Charles made the paper first and then tiled it into a hanging art piece.This was a favorite! In order to open this book, you have to spinal tap the vertebrae binding.This is a cross section of ​Microsoft Excel manuel, a Clinical Chemistry textbook, and Farmers Almanac that have each been pierced with bullets!When you open this "Rare Book Library" Book, you see the stained glass book shelves!He makes clocks, too!Different types of microscopes, lenses, and kaleidoscopes assembled to give the viewer varying perspectives. Below is an intricate piece made in respect to a squirrel that died after its tree was felled. In order to open this, you need an acorn to unlock it!