Undergrad Essentials

Shared living spaces, limited budgets and a shortage of time are banes of undergrad existence. Here are some low cost items at Common Ground that don't take up a lot of space and can be made quickly.


Instant Macaroni and Cheese

A healthy update of the classic with whole grain pasta. We carry brands including Annie's (available in vegan/gluten free, mild cheddar, butter and parmesan, bunny or farm animal shaped pasta with no artificial colors and low sodium), Field Day (mild cheddar in shells or macaroni) and Road's end vegan. You can add onion, tomatoes, broccoli or tuna and mix things up a bit. It's easy to store, easy to make and delicious to eat morning, noon or night.


Bulk Trail Mix

If it helps you hike the Appalachian Trail it will help you across the Quad, right? Get trail mix from Common Ground. It's portable, made up of the two basic food groups (i.e.: salty and sweet), gives you quick energy when you need it and has enough good stuff in it to justify the consumption of chocolate. Common Ground carries six (that's 6!) types of trail mix in our bulk aisle. And if you're feeling ambitious there's enough variety of nuts, grains, seeds, dried fruit and chocolate chips in the aisle to experiment with and make your own mix.


Ginger Lemon Tea with Honey

You ARE GOING get a cold. When you get that cold you WILL want to get sleep. We recommend Ginger Lemon tea. The teas are caffeine free, high in Vitamin C, and soothes your throat with a little honey. Common Ground has bulk Lemon Ginger Tea in aisle 2 and tea bags from Yogi, Stash and Tulsi in aisle 3. For more information about the benefits of Ginger and other herbs, check out University of Maryland's Medical Reference Guide.