Tour at Piemonte Sausage

As fourth generation sausage makers, the Urbana couple, Susan Carano and Claude Cole have made a name for themselves by making delicious homemade sausages using the recipes passed down from Susan’s grandparents. Piemonte Sausage is named after the region, Piemont, where Susan’s Italian family was from. The mountain range featured on their logo and all of their sausages pay homage to the family members and the traditions and flavors passed down through the generations.

Some staff at the Co-op were lucky to be invited to make sausage with Claude and Susan and learn the sausage making process from the experts, from the spices, to the double grinding, the casing, packaging, freezing, and cooking. By the end of the tour the whole group was enamored by the effort and skill needed to make it so delicious. Claude and Susan are excited to now take on the skill of making their own cured salumi, artisanal cured meats including Pancetta, Filetto, Capocolla, Guanciale, and Lonzino. They even attended a special Salumi making intensive workshop in Italy where they learned from world renowned curers. You can find all the delicious Piemonte Sausage in our freezer section and the specialty cured salumi in our Specialty cheese case.