Tour of Glow By Lola

Glow is such a truly fitting word to describe the work and wellness of Lola Pittenger. You may know Glow By Lola for the carefully crafted and aromatic skincare line and wellness products found at Common Ground. Did you know that out of 90+ local producers within 100 miles, Glow By Lola is the closest local producer to the Co-op, just blocks away! Lola’s brightness shines through in her product line, blending together her good intentions, favorite essential oils, and natural skin care ingredients into the finest salves, serums, deodorants, soaps, balms, scrubs, bath salts, and cleaners. Certified as a yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, zumba instructor, aromatherapist, reiki practitioner, auricular reflexologist, and learner of traditional wisdoms of herbalism and ayurvedic practices, Lola is an advocate self-care and invites those around her to ignite their inner glow. She is also a dedicated and hardworking teacher at Leal Elementary School and serves an integral role linking the school with Common Ground’s food education lessons including in-season local food tastings and local farm stories for the kids. 

Some of our staff had the pleasure to visit behind the scenes at Glow By Lola, seeing where she crafts her handmade skin care recipes and where she holds her workshops. Our staff were invited to join her on the outdoor patio sipping on blueberry infused water, catching up, and acknowledging how magical her backyard is to be home of well established outdoor cacti that thrive year after year despite frigid polar-vortex winters. It sure is a special space.

Common Ground is very lucky to have such a passionate local producer and teacher who supports health and wellness. You can find Glow By Lola’s products in our wellness section near our entrance.