Thomas Farm Virtual Tour

Welcome to a Virtual Tour of Thomas Farm! We hope you'll enjoy these pictures we took last Sunday, October 23rd!

These are loufa gourds that Brad Thomas, the local farmer from Monticello, IL grows along his house and along the chicken coops. He eventually cures the gourds and adds them into his homemade soaps.Brad Thomas showing us the chicken coops!

Lisa Thomas, our Grocery Supervisor, (unrelated to local farmer Brad Thomas), holds one of Brad's favorite chickens!

These chickens love huddling under trees during the hottest times in the day and enjoy giving themselves dust baths to keep their feathers light and protected from insects.

This is the winter coop that all of the chickens will live in during the winter.Jack Kenealy, our Grocery Chill Buyer, taking notes on the farm practices. Thomas Farm offers Medium-sized eggs in our dairy counter. The birds are pastured raised and are fed conventional feed.These are beehives that Brad cares for on his property.Hops vines with potent flowers. They smelled terrific!