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Perfectly Imperfect

Common Ground Food Co-op is imperfect, and I know it.

I know it’s imperfect because it is a great co-op, and a truly great co-op is an organic, growing living thing that reflects the imperfect, messy, human community it exists to serve. Common Ground has evolved in so many ways since it was founded in 1974. Over 40 years, CGFC has been a constant dialogue of values, approaches, needs and wants of thousands of owners, staff and board members. Another change in the constant evolution that is Common Ground is upon us now.

Back to Eden

Co-ops at their core are a community of people. We come together to own and jointly support a vision for change through the vehicle of a business. Our CGFC community is made up of almost 6,000 people who own a share in CGFC and regularly support the business.

Board of Directors Letter | GM Jacqueline Hannah Depature

Fellow Common Ground Owners,

We have some important news to share with you. Common Ground’s General Manager, Jacqueline Hannah, has accepted a position as a Co-op Development Specialist with the Food Co-op Initiative (, a national organization that advises start-ups in the industry. She will remain at Common Ground until May, so we will have plenty of time to say proper goodbyes and celebrate her incredible contribution to our organization, as well as to plan for the transition in leadership.

Growing Our Food For All Discount

CGFC’s Food for All program was created in January of 2009 in response to a clear message from our owners that they felt addressing access needed to be front and center in their Co-op’s work; to address the economic barriers that exist between so many people in our community and access to healthy food.  A key part of the Food for All program’s design is a 5% discount on all groceries - based on economic need.

Our Cooperative Business

The last quarter of every year at CGFC is spent planning. We revisit our current business plan, brainstorm with staff, identify future challenges, study competition trends and use all that information to formalize a business plan for the next three years at Common Ground. From that plan, we structure a budget to meet the needs of the store, each department and our Ends (goals) to serve the community.

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