Striving Toward Workplace Democracy

November 30, 2018

After a vote of owners, staff are now eligible to serve on the Board of Directors! This is an important step toward workplace democracy as Common Ground strives to be a model for the community.

Staff are really excited about the opportunity for greater participation in the co-op. Read what some of them have to say about what the opportunity to have staff on the board means to them:

  • “It’s empowering and enlivening to know that owners have enough trust in staff to put that kind of responsibility in our hands.”
  • “This gives staff an opportunity to take an active role in major decisions that affect the store.”
  • “I think that is an awesome thing. I feel that having current staff's input on decisions about the co-op is helpful for all - employees and owners.”
  • “Staff will have representation in larger picture issues that affect our workplace. It will also give better opportunities for everyone to understand what happens in the store and what happens on the board.”
  • “I am a staff member and an owner because I believe in the co-op values. Now I can be a part of the big picture too.”
  • “These 75 people who work at the co-op are uniquely valuable and integral to our co-op's future and I believe our staff can easily speak on the needs of our co-op.”
  • “Direct worker representation can be a critical feature of our mission to strengthen the cooperative movement and become the best version of Common Ground that we can be.”