September 2016 Customer Comments

Please carry more than one kind of Fluoride toothpaste (especially Tom's). Thanks!

Thank you! We will look into this! We currently carry a few types of Fluoride toothpastes and put out more signage about Fluoride. Thank you for the feedback!


Nitro cold brew coffee ( I've had Stumptown before in a can). 

We will look into this product! Check out our beverage case for a product similar to this!


Vincent in the Deli is great!

We are so happy to have Vincent on our team. Thanks for sharing your experience!


Is it too early for brussel sprouts and parsnips in the fresh veggie section?

Hi! Yes! The produce departement should be bringing these in the next month. Brussel sprouts have been hard to find!


This place has the best gluten free pizza ever!

We are so happy to hear this! We have passed this along to our Deli and Bakery. The secret is the Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Flour! You can find it in the frozen section!


Can we carry the unflavored Calm magnesium beverage? We used to carry it!

Hi there! It was an extremely slow moving product in the past, that's why it's not on the shelf. You can special order it though!


Where'd the Quesadilla Cheese go?

It did not sell well so we decided to cut it. If you are interested in ordering a bulk quantity we can always do that for you! It can freeze well!


Even though my mother loves embarrassing me at the checkout, I still love the co-op. Also your bike riding, eco-friendly discount should include Prius!

Haha, we love to know that you enjoy your time when you're here. Parents always know the best ways to embarrass us! Hehe. Yes we have gift cards that we give out each month to the winner of the Sustainable Transportation Raffle. We also give incentives to our staff to ride their bike or take the bus. As for the Prius, we do like energy efficient cars!Thanks for the appreciation!


I agree. The deli staff are amazing. Dani and Camile are the friendliest and so presonable. So great to come her and see them! P.s. and so is the rest of the super friendly staff!

Oh, this just warms our hearts. We let Dani and Camile know and they are overjoyed!


Parkland artwork is great! Thanks for showing student art!

Isn't is amazing? We are lucky to have such local talent!