Sarah's Kitchen Creations: Shredded Chicken Tacos

by: Sarah Buckman

This is a hyper-local taco with half the ingredients locally sourced! Super fresh, quick to prep, this taco is a stunner!



1 package of Maria and Ricardo's soft corn or flour tortillas 

1 container of Our Own organic shredded chicken

5 leaves of local lettuce from Greens For You, chopped

1 container of Our Own organic refried beans, La Preferida Refried Black Beans, or refried pinto beans

1 bunch of local organic cilantro from Blue Moon Farm, chopped

1/2 a block of local natural white cheddar from Ropp Jersey Creamery, shredded

1 container of Jeff's Sliced Jalapeños

dollop of Our Own Sassy Salsa

dollop of Organic Valley sour cream


1) Heat up your tortillas by covering them in tin foil and place them in a preheated oven at 350F. You can also heat them up individually on a skillet. Wrap the shredded chicken in tin foil to reheat alongside your tortillas. TIP: You can sprinkle a little water on the tortillas before you completely cover them in foil and it will add a little steam to help get them softer.

2) In a sauce pan, pour in your refried beans and heat. TIP: Stir in a tablespoon or two of water and stir occasionally until hot so it doesn't burn.

3) While your other ingredients are heating up, shred the natural cheddar, stack lettuce leaves and slice into thin strips, and finely chop your cilantro.

4) When the tortillas, chicken, and beans are hot. Assemble your tacos by layering your beans first, chicken, lettuce, cheese, salsa, jalapeños, and sour cream. TIP #1: If you prefer, you can double stack your tortillas so you can prevent tearing and stuff your individual tacos a bit more! TIP #2: If you enjoy lime or lemon, you can squeeze some on top of your taco for added tartness and flavor.

C'mon, everyone loves tacos. What's not to like? They can be savory, spicy, creamy, incorporate meat and any sauteed veggies! Tacos are also a great way to introduce more vegetables to kids. The portions are small enough you can choose how many you want to eat. Tacos are great for lunch, dinner, and as a quick budget friendly meal when you don't have too much time. What I love to do is grab a few packages of tortillas and have some in the freezer and maybe one package in the fridge just in case. The tortillas can keep for months in the freezer but thaw quickly when you're ready for them. Don't have the ingredients for this recipe? You can usually find something in the fridge or on the counter that you can easily put in a taco, like potatoes, eggs, peppers, mushrooms, corn, rice, you name it!

Tortillas & Masa Harina

If you want to try making your own tortillas, I highly recommend it. They are so flavorful and a great food project to do with friends or family. I usually make a ton at once and then either freeze them or put them in the fridge for later in the week. You have to use the special masa harina, which is ground flour from nixtamalized corn (corn soaked in mineral lime water). The lime treated corn actually helps you digest the corn much better. One of the more traditional brands of masa is Maseca which you can get at the local El Progreso, but we also have organic masa harina from Bob's Red Mill if you want to try ours! You don't need a fancy tortilla press, just a rolling pin and some parchment or wax paper will do fine (although I do have a tortilla press and it makes it so much easier and special). I'll be sharing the steps for making homemade tortillas soon. Masa is what you would also use to make tamales, tostadas and other amazing corn flour recipes.

Greens For You Lettuce

I now only eat Greens for You lettuce. I think it is the freshest, and it's hydroponically grown by Elton and Celia Koehn, the sweetest lettuce farmers in the whole wide world. They are a two person operation and they work so hard to bring us amazingly fresh lettuce each week, even in the winter! About seven years ago, they came to us at the Co-op to see if we would be their first wholesale account and we've had this amazing partnership ever since. They have two greenhouses full of hundreds of perfect lettuce plants, each plant resembling a flower rosetta. Anyways, you should support these farmers by grabbing a box of their local romaine lettuce or bibb lettuce. You won't go wrong.

Local Cheese

As for Ropp Jersey Creamery, wow. Their natural cheddar cheese is so good! Did you know that all cheeses are naturally white or creamed colored? The bright orange colored cheeses that is often associated with cheddar cheese is actually cheddar with annato seed powder, which dyes the cheese that dark orange color. I don't mind the orange color, but I particularly appreciate the flavor of the Ropp family's natural cheddar.

Local Garnishes

Top your taco off with epic Blue Moon cilantro and some cooperatively-owned Organic Valley sour cream and you are good to go!