Our Customers are A-Mason! (A Jarticle)

June 2018

by Andi Marietta, FOH Manager

We all know by now that the best thing for the environment and sustainable living is reusing what we already have. Many years ago, folks here at the Co-op began a leave a bag/take a bag system which has been hugely popular. So popular in fact, it got some of us to thinking: how can we help folks reuse more items? Well, our very smart, one and only Mia in the Marketing team came up with a great idea.

Introducing...The Jar Donation Station!

Here's how it works:

  1. Over in our Front of House area, there is a basket where you can donate clean jars with lids to be reused. It’s important to note the jars need to be cleaned before donation - it’s most excellent if you can remove the labels on them as well, as the Health Dept. requires that the labels are off before we can offer them for reuse. (See below for Mia’s suggestion on how to best do this)  

  2. We'll take those jars, sanitize them, and then place them in the wire rack by our bulk section to be reused by customers who need one.

We began this new system during the week of Earth Day and already it's been going like crazy. Thank you to those who have already donated jars to be reused! It's sure to be as popular as the bag tree.