October 2016 Customer Comments

Hello! Apparently it is fun and fine to fantasize. I fantasize that a Common Ground co-op will come to North Carolina. Fine right? P.s. Thanks for the water fountain!

Hehehe! We hope we one day can expand and we are glad to know you want to bring the co-op home with you! Keep dreaming, we hope we can make them come true!


I love this place. Love Love Love. We sometimes shop here. I love the dried fruit collections!

Oh! Dried fruit, especially in the bulk section, it is delightful. Several of the staff really enjoy the dried mangos!


Great service for making our sandwiches at the last minute!

Thanks for your positive feedback! We hope you will come back soon!


Still miss the half burritos!

Sorry, buddy! We hope you will try the whole burrito and save the rest for a little later. 


Can we stock soy sauce in the bulk section? Thanks!

We can certainly look into it!


Thank you very much for bringing back the BIONATURAE organic pasta!

We were happy you asked for us to bring it back. Glad we can help! That pasta IS great!


Bring back the guacamole. 

We do hope to eventually bring back the guac, but avocadoes are getting extremely pricey because it's been a harsh growing season.


I love your green goddess dressing that you make. Please bring back the bottles for us to take home.

Hi there! We will definitely keep this in mind and will pass it along to our Prepared Foods department!


Can we bring back the classic coleslaw, tuna salad, and egg salad without onions?

Ohh! This is tough. We will consider it but we typically like to keep our recipes traditional, especially since onion is usually really popular with these salads. Thanks for your input!


I am sad the deli doesn't serve vegan pizza by the slice anymore. I looked forward to it when I came in for lunch. Please bring it back, even it's for 1 to 2 times a week.

We apologize for the disappointment but this has been a longtime coming. We decided to get rid of vegan slices because we were beginning to waste ingredients because they weren't popular. Your idea about a couple times a week is a great idea. We will pass this along. Thanks for your time!


Last few Sundays the produce case always looks unstocked and like crap.

Oh! We're sorry you saw us in a bad time. Typically we have a little less people working on Sunday because it is usually our slowest day. Sorry about the lack of items. We hope you'll come back another Sunday and see it in a better state.


Please consider offering homemade gelato or ice cream. We need more gourmet ice cream in C-U!

This is definitely a dream of mine. I'm glad we share it! Yes, we are always in need of more gourmet ice cream but unfortunately this can only be a dream until we decide to expand to more space. We will definitely consider this for the future. Thank you for your input!


Thanks for making Sharon's Hummus, again!

You are so welcome! We took it off the shelf to make room for local and seasonal summer dishes, but it's here to stay.