November 2016 Customer Comments

Please make your (our) financial information available to owners. I think it's reasonable for our owners to be able to review sales figures, co-op profit, and debt. Thank you! P.S. I am a former board member. I also know that other co-ops are far more transparent about this information than Common Ground.

Thank you so much for bringing this up! We have spoken with Satina, our general manager, and she mentioned that she will talk to the board about this! Please contact the new Board, if you are interested, in the meantime! We appreciate your interest and as an owner and stakeholder in the co-op, we can look into making this more transparent! or!


Could you please order the organic lemon juice that was in the produce department?

We can definitely check with our produce department. Until then, please check out the unrefridgerated organic lemon juice in aisle 4!


Every once in awhile, I see kids running in and stealing apples. I think that needs to be dealt with. -Skylander

Hey Skylander, 

Thanks for watching out for us. We appreciate your extra set of hawk eyes. Most likely, they are coming in for the co-op explorer apples, which are free to kids! So, even if there just dropping in, we are okay with people picking up an apple. Did you know we have free apples for all of our kids and Co+op Explorers? We want to make sure our Co+op kids aren't hungry when they come in. 


How about a pay differential for cashiers working weekend hot time hours. What is your commitment to FT employment?

Hi there! Thank you for asking! We are at an ever-increasing rate of FT employment. I believe we are at 53% full time! As for weekends, we usually do have most of our managers working the weekend to help with the rush, but yes, we appreciate all of our employees and recognize we always need a little help on the weekends, with the market crowds. Thanks for your concern!


Please stop selling Liquor. We have too many broken homes.

Aw, yes, that is nice of you to mention. We definitely have too many broken homes but we are trying to improve that every day with access to healthy local foods. As for the wine and beer department, we have too many loyal customers that enjoy all the unique flavors that it would take away a lot of sales to completely stop. Thank you for thinking of your community and ways to improve it, though!


Ensure you keep stock of ingredients for your featured drinks or at least offer a substitution! You were out of apple cider.

Thanks for the heads up! Occasionally we do run out of our feature drinks because we make them ourselves. We will be better about keeping them in stock! Thank you!


Silk Soymilk, light vanilla please?

We are looking to bring in Silk soymilk for our Co-op basics program. Look for this in the next coming month!


Could you stock affordable unsalted butter, please? It's crucial for baking and the only unsalted option is $7.39/lb!

Honestly, we don't have many options that fit our needs, especially with what milk is being used. The price is about the best we can do given the products that are available to us through our distributor. We will be lowering the price of our lowest butter, to fit within our Co-op Basics program, so it will be $3.99!


Please consider offering a complimentary roll with the over-priced soups. After all, they are sitting next to the soups with no price tags and free rolls go great with expensive soups!

Ah! Yes, we do have a sign for those little breads, it must have been removed. We will consider this. As for the price of our soup, we recommend getting the 32 oz container for lunch and dinner. It makes the soup 1.99 per cup, which for completely homemade soup, it's pretty good. Did you know we make our broth from scratch, using organic ingredients? Plus the price of soup, also includes the labor of our cooks.


Keep the oatmeal out for a little bit longer. We love this store. 

Hi! Thank you for writing to us! We switch the oatmeal for soups at 11 am so we can make more room. Thanks for eating breakfast with us!