May 2016 Comment Cards

I question the Co-op stocking Driscoll’s Fruit. The farm’s workers are boycotting and have asked people not to buy their products!


    Unfortunately, we don’t have as much choice as we would like when it comes to what distributors carry.  We’ve encouraged them to carry other brands, but sometimes Driscoll’s is the only organic brand available to us. On the flip side, we are now sometimes able to get domestic fair trade berries into the store--a win for everyone. Look for the Interrupcion or Taste Me Do Good brand as well as local Rehoboth Blueberry Farm.


Many public restrooms have chemical odor control, do you?

In the past we have used “air fresheners” and folks reported they were unpleased with those.
Allergies/sensitivities to fragrances are a concern as well.
We do our best to stay on top of restroom cleanliness, but if you ever notice something that needs attention, please let us know. 


Hi, and that’s it! I love this store!


Hi! Thanks for stopping in and dropping a line. Do come again!


Busy Saturday morning, I had two items and the “less than 10 items” cashier was not open. Lines were very long…


Very sorry you had to wait. Saturdays are our busiest day of the week once the Farmer’s Market is on. We staff in anticipation of this and yet customer volume sometimes still surpasses our expectation. Thanks for taking the time to comment even though you were in a hurry and had to wait!


More whole grains please, Kamut, Einkorn. More unprocessed grains in bulk. Thanks!

We did have more whole, unprocessed grains in the bulk aisle (especially more wheatberry varieties) a few years ago, however sales slumped and the products started to go rancid in the bins. We want to offer fresh products and also not waste food, so we discontinued a few varieties. This does not mean we cannot order them for you, however! Please email for more information on bulk grains.


Three twins Ice cream sandwiches, please! Thanks!

I will see if we can create space for these- we currently have Julie’s ice cream sandwiches, which are very similar to the Three Twins. Hopefully we will have them soon!


Looking for quick bbq, no salt!

There is currently not a no sodium barbecue sauce available to us, or even a lower sodium one. I will keep my eyes out for new products that will fit this description.


YumEarth Peppermint drops have not been in for months, but there is still a spot on the shelf for it. Please stock!

We have been receiving these, the last time on May 9th. It is possible that they are selling very quickly and get pushed back on the shelf where they cannot be easily seen- please ask us while you are here to help you look- we can also check our backstock for you. You are also able to special order a case- they come 6 bags to the case, and that way you can ensure that you have them. Please email if you are interested in more information!

Hi, If you are going to carry Colectivo Coffee, please carry 2 kinds of espresso. Where is my Toro?? Decaf doesn’t count!

We are soon going to be evaluating the entire coffee set. We have mostly heard feedback about lack of light roasts, so when a space opened up in Colectivo we chose to bring in a light roast. The Toro Espresso is available to special order for the time being in individual 1# bags, but it would be difficult to pinpoint when exactly it would arrive since we have an order minimum we must hit with them before we place our order. However, we will consider this when choosing our new coffee offerings. Please email if you want more information about special ordering Toro Espresso.

Why does the peanut and almond butter that we grind ourselves (into containers we bring) cost more than the pb that is pre-ground in your containers. These seems backward. I’m trying to do the right thing by re-using containers!

We are glad that you are re-using containers! As far as the almond butter goes, that one is more expensive because the grinder has organic almonds in it and the prepackaged almond butter in the bulk aisle is not organic. For the peanuts, the price is based on the fluctuations in the market for those peanuts, and East Wind would be able to get a much higher discount on their peanuts, hence their lower price. However, I will pay close attention to the price of the peanut butter to make sure it more accurately reflects market price. Thank you for bringing it up!

Would like the Equal Exchange Espresso Bean Chocolate Bar back. Thanks!

Unfortunately Equal Exchange made the decision to discontinue this chocolate bar, so it will no longer be available through us. We apologize! We do have an Endangered Species espresso bean chocolate bar in the store- it is not exactly like the Equal one, but is still very delicious in its own right.