Local Profile with Delight Flower Farm

Delightful Flower Farmers

If you haven't met these three wonderful people yet, you will be in for a special treat! For it is Maggie Taylor, Holly Curia, and Liz Faermark that are the strong women behind the Delight Flower Farm, a primer cut flower operation that flourishes here in Urbana. Working on a small plot within Prairie Fruits Farm, the Delight Flower Farm grows seasonal flowers for bouquets, wreaths, and assorted plants for the community. They offer Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) shares, special event bouquets, wreaths, and other seasonal plants for the C-U community to enjoy. They believe that providing local flowers that are hand-grown and harvested can really bring joy and greater collaboration to the C-U neighborhood.


In addition to multiple jobs and other activities here in the C-U, Maggie, Holly, and Liz are all incredibly hard-working, who delight in connecting themselves with organizations like The Land ConnectionThe Red Herring, and The Channing Murray Foundation. The Farm is committed to land stewardship and excludes all synthetic pesticides or fertilizers from any of their flowers or plants they grow by hand. The farm has taught them how to work with Mother Nature, even with the unpredictable weather patterns. Maggie Taylor has gained insight from these experiences and states, "Farming involves a lot of trust and patience, and willingness to be flexible, creative, and practical."


The three seek to be in harmony with their natural environment as well as with one another. Maggie describes the relationship with Holly and Liz as, "For us, working with each other is really more friendship and mutual respect than anything else. We literally dance in the field while farming, laugh to the point of tears, and spend a lot of time chasing puppies around the farm- it's pretty terrific." They truly encompass what type of outlook you must maintain to be a successful small farm. And success they have had! Starting out in 2011, from the backyard of La Casa Co-op, off of Washington Avenue in Urbana, Maggie Taylor has seen her farm prosper each year. Now in the new location with the help of Holly and Liz, as well as the creative and dedicated duo, Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband (owners of Prairie Fruits Farm), the Delight Flower Farm has the support it needs for a prosperous year.


The Delight flowers are featured in the Classroom and dining areas, here at the Co-op for the summer and fall seasons. The Farm will also be set up at "The REAL Farm Stand" at Prairie Fruits Farm. To contact Delight Flower Farm please email them at delightcsa@gmail.com or visit their website.


(Photo Courtesy of Lyndsey Scott)