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Hello Cooperators and Welcome to August,


We have a lot going on at the Coop this month so please try to read this whole edition of our newsletter and check our Facebook page and website for further updates. 


As excited as I am about everything going on the only thing I want to say this month is Thank You!


By Michael Feltes

Healthy Co-ops Help Communities Stay Healthy!


The current pandemic of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) shows us once again that grocery stores are a vital resource to the communities they serve. You have come to us in recent days to prepare alongside others in the community. We wish that everyone here, shoppers and staff alike approach the way we operate with the health of ourselves and each other in mind. Below are ways that we here at Common Ground are working to do this, followed by things you can do to help us and each other.


Introducing Our Newly Appointed Board Directors for the 2019-2020 term

Karen Carney tells us all about three new Board Directors

On behalf of the board of directors, I’m pleased to introduce you to three new Common Ground Food Co-op board directors, each of whom was appointed at the October board meeting for the 2019-2020 term.

Happy November Cooperators!

Here's a Top Ten list of some favorite produce products of our Produce Manager Wyatt: 

Karen Carney wants you to meet our newly elected Board Directors


Late last month, Common Ground owners elected three individuals to the Board of Directors for the 2019-2021 term.

Hello Cooperators!

I want to thank all of our owners for coming out on Thursday night (September 26th) to participate in our 2019 Meeting of Owners. Your passion and interest in all of the things we are trying to do here is very much appreciated!

A top ten list of favorite wellness products from our Wellness Manager Jacob Dilley

1.Earth Paste: The best toothpaste I’ve ever experienced. Gritty Texture and excellent mouth feel leads to a feeling of freshness unparalleled by anything else.

2.Plant People “Be Calm” : CBD is a big buzz around here and this brand is already ahead of the curve. Featuring other cannabinoids known for their relaxing properties such as CBN and CBG coupled with powerful adaptogens this product has never failed to help me find my peace again.