July 2016 Customer Comments

I miss Xochitl green salsa. You were the only store in town that had it. It's the only salsa that tasted truly Mexican to me. Thanks!

Hi there! We decided to discontinue Xochitl products because we were made aware that although Xochitl was branded as non-gmo, the company was actually still using GMO corn in their production. We did think they tasted very authentic but we weren't pleased with their lack of transparency. Here is the article if you're interested. We recommend our housemade Mildy Sassy Salsa in the Deli's Grab n Go case instead! Thanks for your input!

Please carry more than one kind of fluoride toothpaste. Thanks!

Hi! We have shared the word with our Wellness Manager. Feel free to place a special order if you know of a few that you really like! Thanks.

Vegan pizza slices, please!

Hello! Yes, we do have vegan pizza, many actually! This might be regarding the fact that we no longer serve vegan pizza by the slice because it has been not selling as well. You can place an order at the deli for a half pizza, 3 slices for $6.49. You can call ahead to the deli at 217-239-4525 and have it ready when you come into the Co-op. Hope that helps!

Start carring Henna powder!

We do have henna available in our wellness section. Feel free to check them out. We have several colors available for you from red, brown, to dark black.

My aching joints require the restorative collagen of Liver.

We can special order organ supplements if you're interested. Just speak with a staff member and they can give you price information! Please email Joanne, our wonderful Wellness Supervisor for more information on products!

Sometime in the last 2-3 months I purchased a Chico Bottle sling. Will you get those in again?

We have these slings back in stock! Feel free to stock up.

For a while, the co-op stocked some bananas on the shelf below the hanging display. This was super helpful to those of us who use wheelchairs. I notice you've stopped putting any bananas low enough to reach. Sorry for squashing the berry boxes with the falling bananas.

Oh! So sorry! We have talked with our Produce Supervisor to make sure that we have produce items available at a lower level. From now on you should see them in the lower baskets. Thank you so much for letting us know. We want to ensure that we are accessible for you and please let us know if there are other items you think should be placed in a better spot. If you would like to meet with me, please contact me at sarah.buckman@commonground.coop to talk about making our store more accessible! If you ever need assistance, any of our staff would be more than happy to help you reach an item. Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate you.

We love and miss the snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches. You guys should bring them back.

Oh! We loved them too but they were actually discontinued from our distributor so we are unable to get more. Try Julies, they are just as tasty!

Fresh fruit smoothies please.

This is a delighful suggestion. We are pretty crammed right now in terms of space within our Deli and it would take a lot of freezer space to successfully do this. We have this on the list for ideal items to bring in. Hopefully we will be able to consider this in the future. Thanks you for writing.

More bionaturae pasta styles. It seems like you used to carry more.

It's back! Check out aisle 3!

Love you guys! The dried mango and fruit leather is AWESOME!

Our bulk dried mango is the best! So rich, tart, and fresh. Thanks for the compliments. We hope you come back soon!

Where is Sharon's Hummus?

Hi! Sharon's Hummus will be back in the next couple of months for Fall. It usually slumps in sales during the summer so we decided to focus on local deli salads for the interem. But this is good news, for it is coming back.

Please carry Samuel Smith Pale Ale.. Always!

Hehe! Yes, we will try to always keep it in stock, forever! It is a certified organic beer that is on the shelf right now.

Camile is the first person ever that remembers how I like my coffee and I am very picky. She makes it great, never burnt. She is always nice and kind. Thank you, Camile!

Wow! We love getting comment cards like yours. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about Camile. She is so fantastic and is loved by all of our staff. Plus she makes some beautiful drinks in our deli. We let her know about this comment card and it made her day. So thanks for all the love!

More frosting on the scones? The last two times I've bought them there was virtually no frosting at all. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. The frosting on our scones has always been a bit of a dilemma because we have many customers that prefer less or more. We make them all by hand and carefully drizzle frosting on each morning but sometimes it can be a slight variation. Thank you for continually supporting our bakery. We want to make you happy. Let us know if there is still inconsistencies that you notice, so keep in touch. 

Would you consider bringing back Butternut Mac 'n Cheese year round? It is one of the go-to foods for our kids. I know that the main ingredient is butternut squash, is not in season now in the summer. PErhaps, then, the mac 'n  cheese recipe whould change with the seasons? It's just nice to be able to have a choice for kids other than pizza.

The Mac 'n Cheese is back! Check out the Deli case. We stopping making it for a little bit to create more room for seasonal entrees, but its here to stay. Thanks for taking the time to let us know. You're awesome.

Would love to see Sweet Eath burritos (Big Sur, Santa Cruz, etc) as well as some of their other products!

We have been looking into this brand and we noticed they have good seitan burritos. We will most likely start to carry one. Feel free to special order these! Thanks for your inquiry!

Please carry more fragrance free items. I think you may have discontinued Earth Sci which was my favorite shampoo and conditioner. Thanks!

Hi there! You'll be happy to know we brought it back in! Thanks for letting us know!

Would you be a dear and add some write ups about some of the more economical wines as well. It makes it easier to pair up dinner choices for me but I can't afford $25 dollar bottles every day. Thanks, you rock!

You rock! Thanks for letting us know. We have a fabulous new Beer and Wine Coordinator and she has been writing a lot more. Did you know that we have Wine sampling every Friday from 4:30-6:30? Feel free to stop by to taste them for yourself! If you see a particular wine that doesn't have a description, please let us know and we can write one up for the display! Thanks!

Catnip in bulk!

We have it in bulk and prepackaged in the pet section! Enjoy!!

Farmhouse Cultures Sauerkraut Garlic Dill

Oh! We will look to see if we can carry it. We typically have a pretty stacked section and like to carry local ferments, but we will check to see if this is something we can get. Thank you for the product recommendation!