Halloween Creations: Avomonsters

These avocado monsters are so fun to decorate for a healthy Halloween snack! You can make witches, frankensteins, draculas, spiders, or your own original spooky monsters!

What you need to make Halloween Avomonsters:

Ripe avocados


carrot (and carrot greens for hair)

bell pepper

salt (optional)


1) Slice radish, carrots, and bell peppers into thin slices. Slice avocados in half lengthwise. Remove pit. 

2) Using a fork, rake the flesh of the avocado until you remove the empty hole left from the pit. Smooth back over with a spoon so the surface is level. Optional: You can add a little salt to the avocado if you like salted avocado.

3) Decorate the face of the avocado with sliced veggies and serve!

4) If you are waiting awhile before eating, cover the avocado with cling wrap to prevent oxidation and browning.