From the GM: October 2018

Hello Friends of the Coop!

I am just back from an exciting trip to Minnesota for the NCG (National Cooperative Grocers) Fall Meeting. I learned a lot of great things that I can't wait to pass on to my staff and have some information for you all as well!

During my little talk at the MOO I mentioned some ways for owners to help out the co-op and one of the ways was to talk about us to your friends. One of the presentations that I saw at the Fall Meeting was a market study about some of the misconceptions that non-co-op shoppers have about co-ops, and the reasons co-op shoppers have for shopping at them. I am sure most of you are "in the know" about what makes us tick but I know it is easy to forget a lot of the stuff that makes us great when you actually start talking about it! So here it is, my CO-OP TOP 10 reasons to shop at Common Ground!

10. EVERYONE is welcome at the co-op! (Can you believe some people still think of it as an exclusive buyers club?)

 9. Anyone can join! (If you do there are some great perks like discounts on Owner Appreciation Days and several Owner Deals!)

 8. Alternatives for a healthy lifestyle that actually taste good! (What? Healthy food that actually tastes good? No Way! Absolutely! And so much of it is made in our store every day!)

 7. Local products (Hundreds of products produced within 100 miles of where YOU live!)

 6. Local producers (Over 80 local producers are represented right here at the coop!)

 5. Local economy (Buying local means your food dollars stay right here in our area!)

 4. Support for local nonprofits (Our Round Up for Good Program has raised over $200,000 to help our local organizations help our residents!)

 3. 60% of staff enjoy full time status (Compare that to the 25-30% standard for most retailers.)

 2. 100% of staff is paid a living wage (That's right, we feel our staff deserves to make good money.)

 1. Amazing service, dedication and respect from our staff!! (Please insert your favorite story here when talking to your friends!)

It was kind of difficult to narrow this down to 10, but these are my favorites. I am sure you have your own. Don't be shy! Share your thoughts, stories and ideas with us through email or on our Facebook page!


Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!