From the GM: November 2018

Hello My Friends!

Many of the changes that I explained at the MOO will be in place by the end of the day on Friday, November 2nd. While we know that this may cause some temporary confusion, we are pleased that we will be able offer a wider variety of many products! There's an image attached to help you figure out what's moved where.

+ The grab and go drinks will now be located at the registers with many new offerings. The specialty and local cheese will be moved to the current location of the drinks and will be greatly expanded.

+ Our sushi will be placed where the specialty cheese is currently and will include many exciting new varieties for your enjoyment! 

+ The fresh bread from Central Illinois Bakehouse that was moved in front of the Deli counter some time ago will see some changes. We will be carrying demi-baguettes as well as holiday baked goods from CIB and also from our own in-house bakery!

Speaking of the holidays, don't forget about Thankgiving in the Deli on November 21st, starting at 11AM. Please come to Common Ground for traditional Thanksgiving foods as well as many vegan and wheat-free options. We will be sampling many of these offerings throughout the month, including the Triple-S Heritage turkey! Our 3 Thanksgiving Samplings in the run-up to Thanksgiving in the Deli are November 9, & 13 from 4:30 to 7 pm and November 18 from 11 am to 2 pm.

Please watch on social media and check out our calendar for dates and times of the many activities we have planned for November!

Please don't forget, the farmers market does not die in November, it just moves inside Lincoln Square Mall and runs from 8AM to 1PM. See you there!!

In co-operation,



1: Sushi to cheese case

2: Cheese to grab & go drink case

3: Drinks to new coolers where register 5 was