Fresh in the Deli: Vegetarian Muffuletta

The Vegetarian Muffuletta is our new featured sandwich that will have you licking your fingers with satisfaction! 

The muffuletta sandwich originated in New Orleans at a store called Central Grocery. Many Italian immigrant farmers would order individual ingredients such as meats, cheeses, brined vegetables and bread, carefully balancing every item on their knees while eating each separately. After the store owner suggested the farmers eat the ingredients in between two slices of bread, thus making it easier to eat, the muffuletta sandwich was born. Sicilian farmers began requesting the "muffuletta" and soon word spread of this delightful, hearty sandwich. Today this sandwich is still well known and Central Grocery draws many tourists who want to have a taste of the original Muffuletta.

Here at Common Ground we have put our own spin on the New Orleans classic. This delicious, mouth-watering delight is loaded with veggies like artichoke hearts, olives, carrots, red onion, red and green bell pepper and mushrooms. Spices including chili flakes, garlic, thyme, oregano, salt and pepper marinade in red wine vinegar and olive oil to create a vegetable topping unlike any other. After letting the vegetable medley marinade for two days, it's placed on fresh baked Ciabatta bread and covered with two slices of provolone cheese for a perfect flavor balance of mild and tangy. 

Meat lovers are not to fret! The vegetarian muffuletta has a complex character and texture. The Ciabatta has a soft and chewy center and a firm crust so as to not compromise the structural integrity. The marinated veggies have a crunchy chew which only adds to the textural property. Don't forget the cheese! Two slices of provolone cheese brings a balanced flavor to any palate. To put it short, this sandwich ROCKS! 

FULL: $6.50  HALF: $3.50