Fresh in the Deli: Scones

All month long our deli will be featuring their housemade scones. 

What's better than a warm, made-from-scratch scone on a cold and snowy day?

Made fresh every morning and afternoon, our housemade scones are soft and flaky on the inside and crispy on the outside. Five varieties are always available in our deli's pastry case including one savory scone, one whole wheat, one berry, and two original sweet varieties including strawberry basil and coconut pecan. All sweet varieties are vegan. You may choose from a lemon or vanilla glaze, and more recently after a high volume of requests, our deli now has unglazed scones. Whether it's breakfast in the morning to be washed down with a hot cup of fair trade coffee, or a mid-afternoon snack, our deli's scones are delicious any time of day. At $1.79 each, what's not to love?