Farm tour at Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is renowned for their local farm to face skin care products made by hand with ingredients grown by Linda Oberg and family in Camargo, 25 miles south from the Co-op. The farm and homestead is home to honey bees, horses, goats, cows, and rows of perennial herbs and flowers.

Linda makes naturally scented handmade soaps with farm grown herbs and flowers, skin cream using their own goat milk, herb and honey bath seltzers, lip balm with farm cultivated beeswax, healing honey skin salve, and other specialty skin care products.

You may know Linda and Queen Anne’s Lace from their beautifully decorated farmer’s market stand at Urbana Market at the Square on Saturdays or from being one of our longest standing local producers in our Wellness department. Some of the staff at the Co-op were lucky to visit Linda and her daughter, Elsie on their homestead where they showed us a day in the life and introduced us to all of their animals including their beautiful horses. At the end of a lovely tour, they treated us to an incredibly delicious English high tea alongside homemade scones, Linda’s secret clotted cream recipe, strawberry jam, and farm raised honey. It was such a treat! 

The dedication and care that goes into each of Queen Anne’s Lace products is truly exceptional, proudly sourcing most of the ingredients from the family farm. Linda, born and raised in England on a small farm, inherited the wisdom of caring for the land and animals in a balanced system from her parents and has passed down this knowledge to her own kids. Queen Anne’s Lace grows and harvests the hay and grain that feeds their animals all year, even in the dead of winter. They let their fields and paddocks grow wild for their horses, cows, and goats to graze. The culinary and beneficial herbs and flowers pollinated by her bees are used in her skin care products. Linda is passionate about her farm and creates her recipes from scratch. 

We are proud to carry Queen Anne’s Lace products and love seeing how much care goes into the products as well as the family farm. Next time you are in to the Co-op, check out our special wellness section featuring QAL products including honey skin salve, face serums, cleansing oils and creams, face creams, lip balm, toners and tonics, goat milk cream, eye cream, night cream, and deodorant! Your skin will thank you.