Farm Tour at Dayempur Herbals

About three hours south of Common Ground in Anna, Illinois, sits Dayempur Farm: Center for Sustainable Living. This magical place thrives with a supportive Sufi community in the thickly wooded wildlife refuge adjacent to the Shawnee National Forest. The word “Dayempur” stands for ancient or eternal place, signifying the history of the land and how it has been passed through various committed stewards who’ve promised to protect this special land and its waterways. On this 100 acre hardwood forest, there are restored prairie fields, a cultivated herb farm, a vegetable farm, cobb eco-buildings, a swimmable lake, burbling streams, and dedicated space to model sustainable and holistic living amongst community.

Highly regarded at Common Ground as one of our unique regional wellness producers capable of growing its own herbs and teaching herbal education, Dayempur Herbals is also sought-after amongst local herbalists for its farm-grown herbs, tinctures, skin salves, syrups, and other herbal remedies. The farm opens to the Carbondale neighborhood offering free weekly educational programs for kids teaching farming, cooking, and hands on activities in nature. The herbal garden is revered space for perennial herbs grown with wellness in mind and harvested at peak quality to be turned into wellness supplements. Keen on learning more herbal wisdom and remedies, several of our staff took a trip down to visit the farm and attended their annual Herbal Medicine Workshop.

The herbalists and farmers introduced us to the flourishing living plants of calendula, tulsi holy basil, elderberry, echinacea, elecampane, feverfew, milk thistle, mullein, stinging nettles, yellow dock, yarrow, St. John’s Wort, red clover, comfrey, and how these herbs have been used for thousands of years passed down through the generations to aid in wellness.

It was astonishing to be able to see all the live plants growing in harmony and garner insight on how to extract alcohol based tinctures from the dried plants. By the end of the workshop, attendees were teeming with interest to improve their relationship with herbs and incorporate them into their own diets and daily self-care routines.

You can find the following Dayempur Herbals products in our Wellness Department:

Herbal Tinctures: Hawthorne, Red Clover, Stinging Nettle, Yarrow, Yellow Dock Root, Tulsi Holy Basil, St. John’s Wort

Syrups: Elderberry Syrup

Skin Salves & Oils: Herbal Ear Oil, Herbal Salve, Groovy Baby, Intensive Breast Care, Boo Boo Spray, Breast Friend Oil