Family Meals Month: How the co-op is helping families share meals

by Mia Hanneken, Education Coordinator

Did you know that family meals have decreased by one-third in the past 20 years? Between busy work schedules and the balance of school and extracurriculars, families have less time to spend at home. Specifically, families just aren’t home at the same time. With mismatched schedules, there’s little to no time to cook together or eat together.

During the month of September, the Food Marketing Institute has declared it Family Meals Month with the goal for families to eat one more meal together at home. There are countless benefits to prioritizing eating as a family. When kids have consistent time spent with their parents and guardians, during meals for example, research has shown they develop better self-esteem, are less likely to experience mental health struggles, and lead healthier lives into adulthood.

As great as that sounds, and as much as all families want to spend time together, it’s just not the reality for many. The co-op wants to help! For the month of September, we are putting together weekly meal kits to make the task of family cooking and eating a little less stressful and time consuming. Each week, we have selected a simple (but tasty) recipe. Families can order the meal kit, which will contain the recipe’s ingredients. On the designated day (see below), the meal kits will be ready for pick-up. Families can, then, conveniently enjoy cooking and eating together.

Ordering for the meal kits will be available on Eventbrite or in store at the registers starting on September 4th. Families may order any or all meal kits, but they will only be available on their specific day. All meal kits will be portioned to serve four people. Larger families can order more than one meal kit if necessary. There will be a maximum of 20 meal kits available each week.

Below, you can find the recipes, price, and pick-up days.


Pick-up date: Wednesday, September 12th; 12:00-6:00pm

          Recipe: Black Bean & Salmon Tostada

          Price: $15


Pick-up date: Wednesday, September 19th; 12:00-6:00pm

              Recipe: One Skillet Kielbasa Hash

              Price: $15


Pick-up date: Wednesday, September 25th; 12:00-6:00pm

               Recipe: Coconut-Lemongrass (vegan--recipe is unavailable online)

               Price: $15


Kid-less couples and couple-less humans--don’t feel forgotten! This month is all about human connection and tasty food, not about having a traditional nuclear family.

Kid-less Couples, when was the last time you and your partner ate dinner together? Or ate dinner without the TV in front of you… Pick up one of these meal kits, maybe a bottle of wine too, and have a couple’s cooking night. Talk about stuff. You know, like you used to. After all, your partner is your family, and you are your partner’s family.

Couple-less humans, why not host a dinner party? Or something slightly less fancy and just invite your pals over. Everyone loves a home cooked meal. Plus, who said meeting up with your friends is restricted to “grabbing a drink” or “catching up over coffee?” Try feeding them. Try forming new bonds, eating new food, making different memories.

We are so excited to introduce this new service to our community, and we’re even more excited to be supporting healthy eating, family bonds, and sharing our variety of local food! If you have any questions, please reach out to me by e-mailing


This article was written to promote Family Meals Month for the month of September.