Election Results: Board & Round Up For Good

Owner Election Results

2017 Board of Directors Results

560 voters (457 electronic ballot voters, 103 paper ballot voters)

4 available Board of Directors slots (Three 3 year terms and One 1 year term)


Karen Carney, 336 votes, elected to a 3 year term.

Karen Medina, 326 votes, elected to a 3 year term.

Magdalena Casper-Shipp, 238 votes, elected to a 3 year term.

Keith McKenney, 204 votes, elected to a 1 year term.

Evelyne Tardy, 191 votes

Michael Feltes, 191 votes

Ted Veselsky, 189 votes 

Shannan Fletcher, 118 votes 

2018 Round Up For Good Organizations

Planned Parenthood C-U, 293 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, 284 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Black Lives Matter, 235 votes, elected 1 month of donation

Courage Connections, 230 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Eastern Illinois Foodbank, 218 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Rape Advocacy, Counseling, & Education Services (RACES), 188 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Sola Gratia Farm, 184 votes, elected 1 month of donations 

Crisis Nursery, 176 votes, elected 1 month of donations 

Education Justice Project, 157 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Prairie Rivers Network, 143 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center (IMC), 133 votes, elected 1 month of donations

Champaign County Humane Society, 130 votes

CU Immigration Forum, 123 votes

First Followers, 114 votes

Books to Prisoners, 112 votes

Men's Transitional Housing, 112 votes

Austin's Place Emergency Women's Shelter, 107 votes

Cunningham Children's Home, 100 votes

Champaign County Head Start, 94 votes

Champaign County Health Care Consumers, 94 votes

Hospice Hearts, 93 votes

The Immigration Project, 92 votes

Wesley Food Pantry, 85 votes

Three Spinners, 83 votes

Prosperity Gardens, 82 votes

The Land Connection, 80 votes

Uniting Pride (UP) Center of Champaign County, 79 votes

ECIRMAC-Refugee Center, 75 votes

McKinley Garden Hills Food Pantry, 69 votes

Peace Meal Senior Nutrition Program, 68 votes

The Bike Project, 67 votes

WEFT, 66 votes

CatsNap, 65 votes

Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant, 65 votes

The I.D.E.A. Store, 65 votes

WILL/Illinois Public Media, 63 votes

Food Not Bombs, 60 votes

Champaign Urbana One to One Mentoring Program, 59 votes

Girls Rock CU, 59 votes

Salt and Light Ministry, 59 votes

Lierman Neighborhood Community Garden, 53 votes

Grand Prairie Friends, 52 votes

University YMCA, 49 votes

Urbana Public Arts Program, 49 votes

Illini Service Dogs, 47 votes

Developmental Services Center, 41 votes

Randolph Street Community Garden, 41 votes

Champaign Urbana Tenant Union, 40 votes

Blue Moon Farm, 38 votes

Jubilee Cafe, 35 votes

Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency, 32 votes

Avicenna, 31 votes

Upper Sangamon River Conservancy, 31 votes

Greater Community AIDS Project, 29 votes

Champaign Urbana Symphony Orchestra, 25 votes

Champaign County Audubon Society, 24 votes

40 North, 21 votes

Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center, 19 votes

Heartland Pathways, 19 votes

Prairie Center Health Systems, 18 votes

Emmanuel Sack Lunch Program, 17 votes

People Assuming Control of their Environment (PACES), 17 votes

CU @ Home, 15 votes

Champaign Urbana Canteen Run, 15 votes

Newman Shares Food Pantry, 15 votes

Community Choices, 13 votes

Toys for Tots CU, 11 votes

CARE Center, 11 votes

Green Island Gardens, 11 votes

WRFU.net LP Radio, 9 votes