Common Ground's Private Label Supplements

by Jess Rasmussen, Wellness Manager

Putting our name on a dietary supplement is a commitment to our brand but more important, to you. It's our way of guaranteeing our own vitamins provide the quality you expect from the co-op, at a reasonable price.

In choosing our private label supplement partner, we considered many other manufacturers. Some lacked experience. Some included artificial colors, flavors and fillers like starch or sugar. Others focused on trendy supplements without offering a full range of multiples minerals herbs and powders. Some used plastic packaging and some were cheaper.  

But only one company offered the proven manufacturing experience (since 1925), value for the price, and dedication to quality necessary to fulfill our commitment to you.  This quality is evidenced by:

  • Packaging in amber glass bottles for maximum potency, freshness and recyclability
  • Best by dating uses a customer friendly date, not a code
  • Full disclosure labeling to advise you of all the ingredients used in each supplement
  • Double verified gluten free products
  • Educational copy on the label helping you choose the right products for you and your family

Featuring high nutritional value and exceptional dollar value, we feel our own supplement line is a fantastic choice for premium quality dietary supplements.