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Sarah's Kitchen Creations: Shredded Chicken Tacos

by: Sarah Buckman

This is a hyper-local taco with half the ingredients locally sourced! Super fresh, quick to prep, this taco is a stunner!



1 package of Maria and Ricardo's soft corn or flour tortillas 

1 container of Our Own organic shredded chicken

5 leaves of local lettuce from Greens For You, chopped

1 container of Our Own organic refried beans, La Preferida Refried Black Beans, or refried pinto beans

Sarah's Kitchen Creations: Red Banana Raspberry Popsicles

by: Sarah Buckman


Yes, red bananas exist and we have them! These special bananas are creamy, smaller, and blend so well with raspberries and yogurt. You have to try this one! 


What you'll need for Red Banana Raspberry Popsicles:

2 red bananas (or 1 ripe yellow banana)

1 cup Seven Stars Farm organic original plain yogurt

1 cup Cascadian Farms frozen raspberries

1 T. Field Day maple syrup

Sarah's Kitchen Creations: Mango Lassi Popsicles

by: Sarah Buckman

These are hands-down my favorite popsicles! Only three ingredients, frozen mango, yogurt, and a little maple syrup and it will change your life for the better. It's so good, you'll wish you doubled the batch.

What you'll need for Mango Lassi Popsicles:

2 cups Wyman's frozen mango

1 cup Seven Stars Farm organic original plain yogurt

2 T. Field Day maple syrup

popsicle molds / empty ice cube tray with toothpicks & saran wrap

blender / food processor 

Sarah's Kitchen Creations: Kiwi Watermelon Popsicles

by: Sarah Buckman

These popsicles are so simple to make, kid-friendly, and 100% fruit! Just blend up kiwis and delicious watermelon and you can have the most refreshing treat with no added sugar! Add the kiwi purée first and you will get that nice separation.


What you'll need for Kiwi Watermelon Popsicles:

2 organic kiwis

2-3 cups of diced local seedless watermelon from We Produce

popsicle molds / empty ice cube tray with toothpicks & saran wrap

blender / food processor

From the GM: April 2020

Hello Cooperators!

First things first--I want to thank all of our owners and customers who come into Common Ground and take some time to show their appreciation to our staff for being here. It means so much to all of us that we are acknowledged for the daily risk we take just by showing up for work. I want to give special thanks to those who were encouraging our staff even before COVID-19 came to our country. 

From Your Board: March 2020

The Effects of Shopping Local On Your Friends & Neighbors

Small local farms and businesses are excellent for the economy because they create jobs. By supporting local producers, you contribute to helping your friends, neighbors and other community members find sustainable employment. In addition, they often develop a close network between themselves, and their local buyers. This builds relationships among community members, which fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness within the community.


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