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At Home on the Farm: Nobody's neighbor

by Sam Ihm, Promotions Coordinator

My parents' northern Illinois farmhouse sits on a few acres atop a hill just outside DeKalb. You can easily see into town and as far as your eyes can take you in every direction. It makes for incredible sunrises and sunsets, as there's a 360-degree skyscape at all times. That's one of the benefits of living in a flat state: lots of sky, and a more subtle - or trained, perhaps - appreciation of beauty.

Dangerous Dicamba: Why we support local farmers

by Sam Ihm, Promotions Coordinator

What's the Issue?

Dicamba herbicide wreaking havoc on local ecosystems

Monsanto's weedkiller, dicamba, is causing widespread damage in Illinois. Drift from the airborne herbicide has ruined millions of acres of crops - including unsprayed fields, eradicated by the flying poison - and damaged oak trees in numerous nature preserves, including Funk's Grove just 10 miles south of Bloomington.

Loving Local in the Wellness Dept

Jess Rasmussen, Wellness Manager


Here at the Co-op, we absolutely love our local farmers and vendors! Did you know that we are representing local in the Wellness Department as well?!

My goal is to really highlight local vendors by giving them prime location and merchandising.  I want to encourage our owners and all of our customers to give them an extra perusal the next time you're in and see what amazing goodies our local vendors are making!

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