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From Your Board: October 2018 - Election results

This year's annual Meeting of Owners took place on Friday, September 21st, 6:00-8:00 pm in Common Ground’s “backyard” in Lincoln Square Mall. It was an evening of good food and conversation, with approximately 70 Co-op owners, staff and producers in attendance. Participants enjoyed a variety of delicious snacks from the store, including house-made cookies, brownies, and hummus, and sipped local cider and tasted wine from the Co-Op’s wine selection. The business portion of the meeting included updates from the Board and from General Manager Gary Taylor.

Family Meals Month: How the co-op is helping families share meals

by Mia Hanneken, Education Coordinator

Did you know that family meals have decreased by one-third in the past 20 years? Between busy work schedules and the balance of school and extracurriculars, families have less time to spend at home. Specifically, families just aren’t home at the same time. With mismatched schedules, there’s little to no time to cook together or eat together.

From the GM: August 2018

by Gary Taylor, General Manager

Happy August fellow Co-opers!

Some of the questions we get here at the coop concern the high cost of groceries these days. I think it is time we talked about this elephant in the room. I will tackle this in two parts, the first being the effects of inflation on food cost and the second being our unique situation as a small independent co-op.

August Board Dispatch: Elections fast approaching

by Keith McKenney

Happy August, dear readers!

Not unlike last month's dispatch from your board of directors, I will remind you that we are fast approaching election season.

One of the things I love about our co-op is this piece: Owners vote for their board of directors. As an owner that has invested in a piece of equity in our store, you have a say in who represents you when it comes to governing Common Ground. That's a little different than your average grocery store. Even the smaller regional chains.

What's Your Relationship to the Food You Buy?

by Sam Ihm, Marketing

On industrial agriculture, farmer suicides, being a "consumer", eating consciously, and working toward a local food system that meets our material needs.

What's Your Relationship to the Food You Buy?

What is the ultimate decision we face when choosing what food to buy at the store? Is it what we’re going to eat for dinner, or how much money we’ll have left to spend elsewhere? Or, can it be bigger than just what happens to us today?


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