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Bacon Cheeseburgers, Parking Lots and Flooded Basements

by John McNally, Co-op Cook & Local Producer

The flooding that we recently experienced was made much worse by the corn and soy fields that surround our town. I must first remind you that those corn and soy fields primarily exist to feed the animals in feedlots and other CAFOs (concentrated animal feed operations). According to the USDA, over 40% of corn used in the US is for animal feed and more than 96% of the animal feed in the United States is corn*. My strong moral objections to CAFOs is a topic for another newsletter. 

From Your Board: March 2018

by Keith McKenney

Happy March, y'all!

As a former staff member, I feel acutely aware of the lack of a certain clarity around the role of Common Ground's Board of Directors. As such, I am particularly interested in making our Board's work more visible. To that end, in this month's dispatch I'll focus on reporting some of our committees' current efforts.


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