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Huan’s Shrimp Wontons in Chili Oil

When it’s raining and cold outside, digging into a steaming bowl of wonton soups is a sure fire way to warm the soul and lift the spirit. Wontons are one of my favorite foods in the world and that love was cultivated at a young age thanks to my grandparents. Growing in Sichuan, China, I spent all my school breaks with my grandparents who opened a dumpling business in their retirement. My grandparents own the OG food truck in the form of a dumpling tuk tuk. Yes, I might have been one of the luckiest kids on the planet. 

Fundraiser for Prairie Food Co-op and Support for End #2

End #2: The Cooperative Movement is Strengthened

Years ago, Common Ground Food Co-op owners weighed in on the specific missions behind the Co-op. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, the owners established four distinct Ends, pillars behind the decision making of the Co-op. End #2 states that Common Ground operates in a way that ensures “The cooperative movement is strengthened.”

2020 Impacts Report

Every year, we measure all the ways we worked to meet our Ends. Typically, we release the Impact Report at our annual Financial Meeting of Owners in April, but we wanted to share it with our owners early this year! 2020 was an unprecedented and chaotic year, but we are so proud of the impact we made. This report will detail how we specifically worked to meet our four Ends and showcase our response to the challenges and calls-to-action we were presented last year. 

Try a Little Self-Care This Valentine’s Day

by Mac Archibald

Try a Little Self-Care This Valentine’s Day

The notion that love revolves around one single day has always been bothersome to me. The expectations are always too high to meet. People tend to have lavish ideas of romantic gestures, leaving them somewhat deflated when they don’t come to fruition. Instead of being a participant in these grandiose ideas for romance, I propose a Valentine’s Day of self-care.

Sarah's Kitchen Creations: Game Day Hot Bean Dip

This hot and cheesy bean dip is the perfect savory snack for when you're watching the game or hanging out! This recipe was my favorite dip to eat as a kid and is an adaptation of my mom's recipe.

What you'll need for Game Day Hot Bean Dip

1 can Field Day organic refried beans

1 cup sour cream

1 package cream cheese, softened

1 packet Simply Organic spicy taco seasoning

1/2 package grape tomatoes, thinly sliced

1 red bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup salsa (optional)

Spice Up Your Meal Prep: Four Easy Chicken Marinades & Rubs

Shake up your weekly lunches with new spice blends that will transform your meals for the upcoming week! Your future self will thank you. Try these four easy chicken marinades and rubs including teriyaki chicken, yogurt-marinated baharat chicken, coconut curry chicken, and chili lime chicken - a perfect introduction into meal prep! These recipes are designed to be baked all on one sheet tray using aluminum foil boats to separate the dishes. So not only are the recipes super easy, but clean up is hassle-free.


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