Bulk Buying 101

June 2018

by Andi Marietta, FOH Manager

New to bulk buying and want to know what it’s all about? Awesome! Buying from the bins might seem complicated at first glance, but it’s really very easy once you know what to do. We’ll show you how with these step by step instructions.

1. Find what you want.

Looking for some pantry staples? Need a quick snack? Want to try something new you’ve never tasted before? We’ve got tons of great items just waiting to be discovered. (My personal favorite is Curry Cashews, but I’m warning you now...if you start you might not be able to stop. They’re that tasty.)

2.​ Grab a bag or a jar. 

We have bags offered throughout the bulk aisle for ease of use, but we have also recently started a fantastic jar reuse program here in the store. (More info on that in a different article in this newsletter.) PLEASE REMEMBER: if you use a jar, make sure to get the weight of it without anything in it before you fill it and write it down. We have stickers or tags for you to use if you’d like. The reason for weighing the container prior to filling is so you don’t pay for the weight of the jar as well (the fancy term for this is the “tare” weight). We have a scale in the aisle or you can bring your empty container to the registers and we can weigh it for you there.

3. Fill your container with the amount you want.

I love this feature of buying in bulk. You only have to buy in the amount you need. Really handy if you’re trying a new recipe/item and only need a little bit of something. Often times, people find buying staple items can be cheaper buying in bulk...but pay close attention to things like nuts. All items are sold by weight and it can add up fast for heavier items. Feel free to use the scale to gauge what the weight of your items are.

4. Write down the Bin Number for the item.

This is the number you will tell the cashier for ringing up your items.

Well, look at that. By following these simple steps, you got yourself something from the bulk aisle! This is a great achievement, you might consider treating yourself to some Curry Cashews.