Brand New Stone Soup

In January of 2013 (a year ago!) we brought Stone Soup back to the Co-op. We gathered monthly in the Flatlander Classroom to cook a meal for the TIMES Center. We had a great time with this program.

This January it’s time to announce some exciting changes to this program. Since many organizations rely on donations to run operations we decided to shift the focus of Stone Soup to address this need. Stone Soup will now support sharing food in community, offer folks the opportunity to give input on key Co-op topics, and support local organizations with our dollars via donations. We’ll be moving back to our roots and eating together instead of cooking together!

How it’ll work:

-  Arrive and be lured into the classroom by delicious scents of food cooking.

-  Donate what you can ($5 suggested) to benefit our great community garden efforts (Randolph St. Community Garden, Prosperity Gardens, Lierman Neighborhood Community Garden)  

- Eat food with your fellow community members

- Get some good conversation going about topics chosen by our GM and  lend your voice to our Co-op! (Our first topic will be access/welcome at the Co-op.)


Dates for this Spring are February 20th and April 17th.

Got questions?! Email or call me (217 239 8108) and I’ll answer them if I can. Looking forward to seeing you all at Stone Soup!

-Maya Bauer, Education Coordinator