August Board Dispatch: Elections fast approaching

by Keith McKenney

Happy August, dear readers!

Not unlike last month's dispatch from your board of directors, I will remind you that we are fast approaching election season.

One of the things I love about our co-op is this piece: Owners vote for their board of directors. As an owner that has invested in a piece of equity in our store, you have a say in who represents you when it comes to governing Common Ground. That's a little different than your average grocery store. Even the smaller regional chains.

This coming Autumn will be a big one for elections across the entirety of the country. It seems many underrepresented folks are feeling empowered and/or desperate enough to risk  making their voices heard. Whether it be on the national stage, or at the local level, folks are getting engaged.

That can be you too.

Follow the links below to find out more about running for Common Ground's board of directors.

The 2018 Board election packet:

The on-line application:

Optionally, attend a Board Candidate information session or Board meeting.

Applications for CGFC's board of directors are due by 10pm  on August 15, 2018

The annual Meeting of Owners (MOO) is scheduled for September 21st this year. Voting ends at the end of the MOO.

Illinois midterm elections are November 6th. Don't forget to vote!

Next board meeting: August 13, 2018; 6:15 at Urbana Civic Center.