August 2016 Comment Cards

I am at a big loss for Banana Bread. I really miss it with my coffee and the taste of it!

Oh! Thank you for being such a fan. We've told our bakery team about how you miss it. The bakery decided to discontinue the banana bread because it wasn't selling enough instead decided to feature Pekara's bakery items. If you need something to accompany your coffee, I highly recommend the almond croissant. It's delicious!


Would thoroughly enjoy 1) Freywine Cabernet Sauvignon 2) Crumpets in the freezer section.

We have passed this along to our grocery team! Thanks for the ideas!


I think it is good to have "Halal meat" :)

We are extremely happy to provide the local Piemonte Lamb sausaged that is Halal Certified. We're glad you agree.


Dr. Bronner's has foaming soap dispensers. This would be lovely to sell here with their other products.

We checked the our catalog and it didn't look like it was available yet. We will keep an eye out! Thanks for the tip!


Why did we drop ingredients on our pastries? This is against our "Know Your Food" Ends policy.

Hi there! We decided to remove the larger labels from the pastry case because we reduce the size of the labels since they were interfering with hands reaching in to grab product. We kept the common allergens on the label but the full ingredient list is at the Deli. We have binders of nutritional information and full ingredients listed for all of our prepared foods! Talk to our Deli Clerks if you have questions!


Are you going to be able to get black cod from Sidka Fish Co? We used to carry it. Please do if you can. Thanks!

We are looking to carry more seafood options. Sidka unfortunately only offers us white cod and salmon. We will look at more options! Thanks for the input!


I sure would love to have a vegan/vegetarian grab and go sandwich option. I miss the tofu sandwiches!

Hi! We decided to make the change because they weren't selling! Please feel free to order a Build Your Own sandwich at the Deli! We still have both the baked tofu and the tofu egg available!


Thanks for bringing back Sharon's Hummus and I love the more descriptive name!

I am so glad you're happy! We thought adding the sun dried tomatoes to the title would make it more clear! Thanks for the love!


I would like an organic instant breakfast like Carnation Instant. Please suggest some options? Thanks!

We have two products like this for you to try! VegaOne and RawFit are both meal replacements. Rawfit is more for weight management and we sell them in individual packets so you and try them. Let us know which one you like best! P.S. we always have oatmeal at the Co-op if you're on the run!