April 2016 Comment Cards

April 2016 Comment Cards

I need bulk quinoa flour for my brownies!

-Unfortunately quinoa flour is not available to us in bulk, and when we had it on the shelf it had extremely low sales due to it being a more expensive flour. We are able to special order for you a few kinds of quinoa flour in smaller bags, and it does freeze well for longer-term storage. Brown rice flour can be substituted for quinoa in gluten-free baking, but it does unfortunately have only half the protein as quinoa flour. Small batches of quinoa flour can also be made in a coffee grinder from whole uncooked quinoa.

Bring Back the bulk dried apricots! Please! The bulk dried apricots were much tastier than the current refrigerated variety you’re carrying! Bring Back Bulk, Baby!

    -Sorry! Bulk dried apricots (the wild apricots) are no longer available. Equal Exchange unfortunately had to discontinue them indefinitely since their supply chain dried up- I am still searching for something comparable, but it is very hard to find some that were as good as those were! I have been asking all our vendors if they have any idea if they will get something similar, but have heard nothing as of yet.

Please stock more variety in ciders! Ace pineapple gets old fast!!

    -Thank you for letting us know! We will keep it in mind when we hear of other alternatives!

Can you please begin to carry Citrus GT Kombucha? Thank you!

    -We currently have very limited space in our kombucha cooler, so we would not be able to bring the citrus GT’s Kombucha at this time. We are going to be getting a larger grab-and-go cooler, so we will be able to expand the current lines that we have now, which will include more GT’s products. I’ll make a note on this one so that we make sure to revisit it once we have the space.

Would like to buy a Kombucha starter here. Owner #11088. Thanks!

    -We formerly carried Kombucha starters, and had very little interest in them from customers. If we were to special order them, it would be in a minimum of six, so I will direct you to Cultures for Health website where you can buy them individually. Cultures for Health also has a lot of fantastic resources on fermenting and troubleshooting their cultures, and they are happy to help you online and on the phone.


It would be great if you had a selection of Kimchi! YUM!

-We have a few types of Kimchi and are looking at others, but unfortunately our space is very packed in the refrigerated section and we can only bring in new products a couple at a time. We will keep an eye out if we get some more space in there.

Please carry a vegan, soy-free, bean based veggie burger that is high in protein. Thanks!

    -We do! The Hilary’s burger in our freezer is vegan and soy-free, and the adzuki bean burgers are bean based. They are also delicious! We also have Sunshine’s Southwest Burger, which is a soy-free vegan black bean burger.

I would like to request that you carry an ice cream that is non-dairy and sweetened with stevia. So delicious is one brand I know of that makes such a thing!

    -We have not had a lot of requests for dairy free sugar free ice cream- we can get a couple of flavors of the So Delicious stevia sweetened ice cream. I do not know yet if it will be able to be fit into our freezer set, but for now it can be special ordered. Please email specialorders@commonground.coop for more information.

Please get the mango Talenti sorbetto.

    -I am currently looking at available space to bring in the Talenti sorbettos- I want to expand our nondairy set, and we get a lot of requests for the two Talenti flavors we used to carry. Look for it soon!

Do you ever carry chia pudding in your deli section? If not, can you start? Thanks!

    -We were just talking about this! We will be testing recipes soon for a variety of parfaits including testing some recipes for Chia Pudding Parfaits!  

If you have extra of your fresh soups, is it possible to package them for sale the following day? I.e. I love your carrot ginger and borscht and want more of those!

    -This is something we have wanted to do for a while! We are waiting for the drinks to move out of the Grab & Go into their own cooler and soon after we hope to have soups sold by the quart!

Please offer more soups and to-go options that are gluten free and dairy free. Thanks!

    -We have many to-go options that are both gluten-free and dairy-free! Our deli Grab & Go case has many deli salads, entrees, and dips that fit both of these categories and majority of our soups do as well! If you ever need assistance finding something to meet your specific needs just check in with staff.

I miss your organic valley Raw Milk Jack-style cheese. Consider having it back in store.

    -We had several Jack style options in the cheese case and decided to focus on a local option from Ropp Jersey Cheese. If you haven’t tried it, their Monterey Jack is delicious! We would also be happy to special order the Organic Valley variety for you. Just let us know if you would like more information!