Hello Cooperators and Welcome to August,


We have a lot going on at the Coop this month so please try to read this whole edition of our newsletter and check our Facebook page and website for further updates. 


As excited as I am about everything going on the only thing I want to say this month is Thank You!


Sometimes we forget how important those two simple words are. Everybody appreciates appreciation, and with those words we can express heartfelt appreciation for everyone who has had a positive impact in our lives. So... 


Thank YOU Common Ground Staff!! Your resilience is showing. Your desire to will Common Ground to succeed shows up when you come in for your shift every single day, rolling with all the punches, excelling at your work and keeping up your amazing attitude through these trying times!


Thank YOU Common Ground Board of Directors! It takes special people to fill the vital role as a Director for Common Ground. You are the representatives of all Common Ground Owners and are tasked with making a difference in the lives of not just owners but our whole community. 


Thank YOU Common Ground Farmers and Suppliers! Without you we would not know the joys of eating responsibly produced healthy food. You are truly the heartbeat of Common Ground and we could not do this without you!


Thank YOU Common Ground Owners. You are the reason we are here and the reason we are still here. Many small businesses are going out of business these days but thanks to you Common Ground will survive! Thank you for continuing to shop either inside the store or from the curb in front. Thank you for your kind words to our staff. Thank you for wearing a face covering to keep our staff and each other safe. Thank you for being engaged, active members of our community!


Thank you all for your perseverance through these past few months of uncertainty. Thank you for your laughter in these times when there is less to laugh about. And finally, thank you for all those smiles hiding under those masks. We can tell they are there!


Everyone please stay safe and make it a point to brighten someone's life today with two simple words. Thank you!


See you soon!