For years, the producers and advocates of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have claimed that the technology will increase crop yields and lower the use of chemical pesticides. A new examination of GMO use in the New York Times casts considerable doubts on these assertions.

Common Ground Food Co-operative is committed to supporting a vital and inclusive community and this End especially applies to downtown Urbana where our co-op is located. Given our dedication to democratic governance and improving our community we are especially excited by the possibilities inherent in the Open Scene project.

After careful deliberation, the Common Ground Food Co-operative Board of Directors and General Manager have decided to discontinue plans for a Champaign store. The Board reviewed updated project cost estimates and financial projections in coming to this decision and determined that the expansion project did not meet the required financial criteria to confidently move forward. Common Ground Food Co-operative will continue to advance its mission through its existing store and programs. 

What does your farm name mean to you? How did you choose this name?

We wanted a name that describes what we are doing/providing. “Green” tells of fresh herbs, “Pantry” speaks of food products, “Nursery” lets the customer know that we are growing our herbs that we sell.  


Where is your operation located? How many miles do you travel to reach Common Ground? How many people work with you?

Can you offer frozen guava? It’s a high protein fruit!

-Frozen guava is unfortunately not something that is available to us at this time- I’ll keep my eyes peeled!


Would it be possible to re-order WASA. CG used to keep it. Thanks

Talenti has an incredible raspberry flavor. You should try it out.

We have Talenti’s Raspberry and Cream, which is amazing. We tried stocking the Roman Raspberry Sorbet a while ago, and it did not do very well for us on the shelf. Since we have such limited freezer space, we have to be very careful about what we keep. We are still able to order it though, if you were interested in a special order. Please email for more information.


We would love if the Co-op could start carrying Boneyard Coffee, which is roasted locally in C-U. We regularly buy our coffee from here, but Boneyard is our favorite- we’d love to see it on your shelves!

Our coffee buyer will look into carrying Boneyard Coffee. In the interim, please visit themand support another awesome local business!


The comment system is broken. Please fix.

Consider the system rehabilitated.


What does your farm name mean to you? How did you choose this name?

"Prairie" has always fascinated us, in part because of its tremendous ability to build soil (or earth) at a rate much faster than any other ecosystem.  Dave, the patriarch of the farm,  grew up hearing stories of his ancestors settling here in the 1830's and 40's, so he wanted a farm name that reflected respect for the landscape and the people on it.  

April 11th is the deadline to submit an application to show art in the gallery in Common Ground Food Co-Op’s Flatlander Gallery for the 2014-2015 Gallery Season. Applications can be found HERE or at the Welcome Desk, in our store.