Virtual Board Meeting

Due to COVID-19, the Common Ground Board of Directors will hold its May 2020 board meeting online. If you are an owner who is interested in attending, please email the board at, and we will send you login information.


5:45 -- Dinner & Conversation

6:15 -- Preliminaries 

        a) Guests / owners

        b) Public comment

        c) Agenda amendments

6:20 -- Board Study

        a) FinMOO feedback / reactions

        b) How does the co-op fit into our economic structure

6:40 -- Consent Agenda

        a) Minutes from April meeting

        b) GM operational update (MORe report)

6:45 -- GM Monitoring

        a) Executive Limitation B1 - Financial

        b) Financial forecasts

6:55 -- Operational Updates

        a) Online ordering

7:05 -- Committee Updates

        a) Board development committee

        b) Owner outreach committee

        c) Policy committee

        d) Visioning working group

7:15 -- Board Admin

        a) Election packet

        b) Board historical records

7:30 -- Closing

        a) Next meeting June 8th, 2020

        b) Outreach calendar assignments

        c) Other assignments

        d) Check-out (optional)

        e) Adjourn


Date and Time: 
Monday, May 11th 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm