Owner Elections for Board Directors & Round Up For Good

One of the best parts of being a owner of a cooperative is your voting rights! This month is the time to make your voice heard. All active owners will be sent an email to access their Electronic Ballot to vote for the new Board Directors and 2020 Round Up For Good organizations. Voting starts on September 19th and closes at the end of the Meeting of Owners on September 26th. Voting is done exclusively online. For security and confidentiality reasons, there will be no paper ballots in the store.  Watch for an email from Common Ground with the link to the voting site.  Be sure to update your email address to receive the link! See a cashier to do this, or email marketing@commonground.coop. 

Vote here!

Voter ID is your owner number.

Voter Key Password is your last name in all lowercase letters; no apostrophes.

Date and Time: 
Thursday, Sep 19th 8:00 am to Thursday, Sep 26th 8:00 pm