Just Coffee Cooperative Sampling

Did you know Common Ground supports coffee coop, Just Coffee Cooperative?

Paul from Just Coffee will be the Co-op highlighting organic coffee beans that are grown and produced by Las Diosas and La Fundación Entre Mujeres (La FEM), in Esteli, Nicaragua. 

La FEM is made up of 6 cooperatives of 260 women farmers. La FEM provides many resources including:
+ access to health services
+ primary and secondary education, including literacy programs
+ education on crop diversification, organic production, sustainable economic development
+ a cooperative-owned seedling nursery and processing facilities for farmers to share
+ access to parcels of land for autonomous farming

Read more about La FEM & Just Coffee: http://justcoffee.coop/Grower%20Cooperatives/la-fem/

Your dollar spent at Common Ground goes further to support other cooperatives like Just Coffee and La FEM!

Date and Time: 
Saturday, Jan 20th 10:00 am to 12:00 pm