Indian Rice Dishes

Learn how to make traditional Indian rice dishes including Biryani, Pulao, Raita, and Kheer with Sirisha! Rice is a staple for most of south India and many parts of North India. Many different varieties of rice cultivated in India, the most popular one being Basmati rice, known for its long grain and enticing aroma. 

Pulao is a very delicious and simple dish using rice and vegetables and a few whole spices. It is considered a complete meal in itself and it is often accompanied by a raita (cooling yogurt based sauce). Biryanis are more elaborate dishes with rice layered with marinated meat, potatoes, spices, and fried onions and can be cooked in one pot. Sirisha will share a few tips and tricks to cook soft and fluffy steamed rice!

As a delicious treat, attendees will sample a Indian style rice pudding called kheer.


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Date and Time: 
Saturday, Sep 28th 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm