Ice Cream Social Fundraiser

Our Annual Ice Cream Social is coming up soon! All proceeds go to Eastern Illinois Foodbank, located here in Champaign. Every year our goal is to raise enough money to fund 10,000 meals for EIF. Will you help us?


Save the Date: Sunday June 25, 12-3pm


Join us for an ultimate sundae starring:

  • local Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery gelato
  • local Kilgus Farmstead ice cream
  • Coconut Bliss dairy-free ice cream
  • delicious sundae toppings from our Bulk section
  • local musicians

Eastern Illinois Foodbank is our Round Up For Good recipient for the month of June. Last year EIF supplied 7.5 million pounds of food to those living in 17 different counties of Eastern Illinois. They served over 58,000 different members each week; with children representing 38% of those recipients. Round up your total to the next dollar and see the small change add up!

Date and Time: 
Sunday, Jun 25th 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm