Edible Book Festival


Join us in our Co-op Mall Hallway for the Edible Book Festival, from 11:30-1pm on April 6th to celebrate the 14th annual Edible Book Festival and Boneyard Arts Festival!

This quirky festival celebrates literature, gastronomy, and community. It is held on or around April Fool's Day every year as it is "the perfect day to eat your words."You can make an edible representation of your favorite book and enter it into the contest! This event is hosted by the University Library in collaboration with Common Ground Co-op and the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

Categories will include:

-Best depiction of a classic
-Best entry based on a children's or young adult book
-People's choice
-Others TBD by our judges!



Date and Time: 
Saturday, Apr 6th 11:00 am to 1:00 pm