Cooking Healthy on a Budget: FINI Grant Recipients

In partnership with the Land Connection's Link Matching grant program, the Co-op is offering a free private cooking lesson to any person who is involved in the Link Match program.

This hour class will introduce local and in-season winter vegetable that can be featured in many delicious dinners! We will cover:

+ basic knife skills for prepping roots, squash, and greens

+ best ways to store all the vegetables and fruits to keep them fresh and lasting longer

+ tastiests dried and fresh spices to incorporate

+ samples to taste and take-home recipes to guide you

+ display of all the various produce that is in season, even during the winter!

+ staff experts who can answer your cooking questions and provide one-on-one assistance and recommendations

+ Cooking Healthy on a Budget guide booklet

Spots are limited, reserve a spot now for free! All attendees will walk away with the confidence to cook in-season whole foods from scratch in their kitchen, as well as our Co-op's Cooking on a Budget guide book, access to free future Cooking Classes at the Co-op, and more information about our Co-op's Food For All discount program.

All tickets are reserved for Link Match recipients who are a part of the Winter coupon program. If you have any questions, please email (

Date and Time: 
Thursday, Jan 24th 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm