Board of Directors Meeting

Are you an owner of Common Ground? Join us every second Monday of the month at 6:15pm for the meeting with our Board of Directors! Until further notice, Board meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. All owners are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings!

Zoom Link:


6:15 1. Preliminaries

a. Guests/owners 
b. Public comment 
c. Agenda amendments 

6:30 2. Board Study

a. Ends Report Expectations 

7:15 3. Consent Agenda 

a. Minutes from Jan meeting (Public)
b. Monthly Financials Accept 
c. GM Operational Update (MORe) 

7:20 4. GM Monitoring Robert

a. EL B1 Financial Condition & Activities 

7:30 5. Board Monitoring

a. BMR D1 Unity of Control 
b. BMR D2 Accountability of GM
c. BMR D3 Delegation to GM

7:35 6. Committee Updates

a. Board Development Committee 
b. Owner Outreach Committee 
c. Policy Committee 
d. Visioning Committee 

7:35 7. Board Admin

a. Monitoring Calendar 
b. Treasurer Report 
c. Owner Loan Payback 
d. Other New Business 

Enter Executive Session

7:50 8. New Director Appointment 

Exit Executive Session

8:05 8. New Director Appointment 

8:15 9. Closing

a. Next Meeting March 8 2021
b. Newsletter Assignment
c. Other tasks and assignments
d. Check-out (optional)
e. Adjourn

Date and Time: 
Monday, Feb 8th 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm