Board of Directors Meeting

Are you an owner of Common Ground? Join us every second Monday of the month at 6:15pm for the meeting with our Board of Directors! Until further notice, Board meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. All owners are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings!


6:15 1. Preliminaries
a. Guests/owners 
b. Public comment 
c. Agenda amendments 
6:30 2. Board Study
a. Board Retreat Part 2 
7:15 3. Consent Agenda
a. Minutes from Dec meeting (Public) 
b. Monthly Financials 
c. GM Operational Update (MORe) 
7:20 4. GM Monitoring 
a. EL B3 Asset Protection 
7:30 5. Board Monitoring
a. BP C2 Board Job Description 
7:35 6. Committee Updates
a. Board Development Committee 
b. Owner Outreach Committee 
c. Policy Committee 
d. Visioning Committee 
7:50 7. Board Admin
a. Monitoring Calendar 
b. Treasurer Report  
c. Financial Audit (Wegner CPA) 
d. New Business 

8:00 Enter Executive Session 8. Personnel Items

8:15 Exit Executive Session 9. Closing 
a. Next Meeting February 8 2021
b. Outreach calendar assignments 

Zoom Link:

Date and Time: 
Monday, Jan 11th 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm