Food For All: Our Food Accessbility Program

Cook Healthy on a Budget

The Food For All program is designed to help our customers eat healthy and save money. 

Education Grant

  • We offer a grant program for those who would like to attend one of our classes but are unable to do so for financial reasons. The FFA Education Grant gives customers a 100% discount on any class at Common Ground.
  • If you would like to take a class using a Food For All Grant, email
  • Look at our upcoming classes

Food For All Discount: Food Accessibility Program

Is the Owner Equity Grant out of your budget?  Apply for your Food For All Discount now!

  • The FFA Equity Grant gives qualified Co-op customers a 10% discount on Co+op Basics food staples and all of our produce section. 
  • FFA members will also be granted a yearly ownership that has been donated through Co-op community fundraisers like our Annual Plant Sale and Round Up For Good donation program.
  • Food For All is for everyone! Whether you are needing an incentive to cook healthier, have low income or an active food stamp (LINK) card, a temporary illness or disability, are responsible for care of someone suffering from an illness or disability, or you are currently receiving unemployment or other governmental assistance, you automatically qualify for an Equity Grant. Students are welcome to apply too!

How Long Does the Discount Last?

The FFA Discount Program covers discounts and classes for an entire year. When it expires, you can reapply. 


We have a list of recipes, many under $2 per serving, using healthy ingredients you can buy here. You can find all of our recipes here

Co+op Basics List

The Co+op Basics List is a list of items at Common Ground that are discounted for all customers. The items discounted are healthy, organic basic items such as whole wheat flour, milk, produce and bulk dried beans. Our buyers are constantly on the look out for more staples to add to the list. You can view the list here or pick up this list at the Welcome Desk next time you are at the Co-op to help with your grocery budget!


Making healthy food accessible includes educating people on how to select, buy, and use healthful grocery items. We've developed classes to help with that.

Cooking Healthy on a Budget is offered monthly at Common Ground. Learn hands-on cooking techniques, tips, and time-savers to feed your family for less! Participants will have the opportunity to prepare a Food For All recipe from start to finish with a member of our co-op staff. You will leave with dozens of budget-friendly recipes for meals and many new skills to try at home. See Class Calendar