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Common Ground Food Co-op is proud to give back to the community. In 2019, we donated over $5,000 in products, gift cards, and prepared food to 41 local organizations (not including Round Up For Good donations). We have a donations policy that is aligned with our Ends: 

  • The co-op is the center of a vibrant, inclusive community
  • The cooperative movement is strengthened
  • The co-op serves as an educational resource on food issues
  • Our local food movement is equitable, robust, and environmentally sound.

In keeping with these values, we contribute to organizations that:

  • Are community organizations that support the populations of Champaign County and Central Illinois
  • Have as a goal improving and/or educating consumers about the nutritional quality of food; improving sustainability in food production; and/or supporting local food production
  • Support co-operative values, such as farm production co-ops
  • Provide support to members of the community who are in need, such as organizations that provide relief to low-income households
  • Support environmental stewardship, such as organizations focused on issues that affect the environment

Common Ground makes donations in the form of product or a gift card. Because we receive so many donation requests, we attempt to spread our donations out among as broad a spectrum of community organizations as possible. We are more likely to make small donations to many different organizations on a frequent basis than we are to make large donations to a few organizations. We ask organizations to give us plenty of advance notice (at least four weeks) in order to consider their request and prepare our donation.

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2. Requests must be submitted at least four to six weeks in advance of any event

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